Joanne Willis


Joanne Willis

After the rain the rivers and creeks in our Country come alive with a new growth of plants. The Country is filled with beautiful colours. We rejoice looking at our rivers and creeks full of water, so that we can go fishing, kids can go swimming and we can picnic with our families and friends.

Joanne Willis is a Yindjibarndi artist from Roebourne. Joanne started painting in early 2008 and is the daughter of well-known Yinjaa-Barni artist Allery Sandy. She has exhibited her work in the Pilbara, Perth and Sydney, and won a prize at the Cossack Art Award for Painting any Medium or Theme (2008).

DOB: 31/03/1972
Language: Yindjibarndi
Country: Millstream Tablelands

Joanne Willis
Millstream Tableland
Joanne Willis
Ochre through the Rocks
Joanne Willis
Wildflowers Blooming